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Life is Feudal: MMO
  • 24 Juli 2017
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Game World

Huge World

21х21 km (441 sq. km) of land with different climate zones (from arctic to desert). All map can be traversed without any loading screens. Everything on the map CAN be changed by players (terrain, forests, buildings). Playerscan build a small settlement, village, fort, town or castle completely anywhere on the map. They can also construct small crafting devices, furniture and decorative objects to place them freely inside their houses. "Free" means that there is no preset positions or areas of where certain objects can be placed - players are free to build and place them where they want (unless other players prevent it of course).

Terraforming System

Players can increase or decrease terrain height, flatten the terrain for buildings construction, dig real 3-dimensional underground tunnels, make underground rooms and halls or dig moats around your castles. Different soil types behave differently while you work with them and required for other crafts (ores for smelting, rock for walls building, clay for construction works, fertile soil for farms etc).